hey there, beautiful

Nat. 16. Buenos Aires.


hi lovelies!! i’m doing a little giveaway for any of my cute followers who would like to participate

what you get:

  • coin purse, 2 bracelets, and woven wallet all from vietnam!!
  • cute lil doggie socks
  • 3 braided headbands and a patterned fabric headband
  • vintage flower wallet
  • and anything else i might end up adding later!!!
  • mbf me!!!
  • only reblogs will count, and the more times you reblog, the better your chances are!! (feel free to like to bookmark)
  • please have your inbox open and be willing to give me your address and mailing information!!
  • i’ll ship wherever you flowers may be
  • the winner will be picked on August 24th!!!!
have fun! :)

(via jeewish)